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Proudly Manufactured in Canada




The first and only Standalone Level III+ Flexible Rifle armour in Canada.



This plate was designed to increase the user’s mobility without diminishing its ballistic integrity. We have achieved this by bringing the ceramic in from the edge, providing the same NIJ threat protection. Ceramic coverage ends aprox 0.75 inches from the edge of the plate.Our lightweight plates will allow the wearer to be at his or her best for longer as the decreased weight reduces the overall kit encumbrance. This product is a great choice for those who like to stay nimble and light on their feet during the mission.


The Cataphract plates get their name from an elite cavalry unit in which both the rider and the horse were completely covered in scale armour. That armour allowed soldiers to maintain a good level of mobility while also being protected from most projectiles and melee weapons. Drawing inspiration from that, our Cataphract Flexible Plates offer the same level of protection as Hard Armour, while maintaining the flexibility and comfort provided by Soft Plates.


The Cataphract will finally allow the women in the field to have armour that fits them properly without sacrificing the level of protection in the process. The Cataphract will bend and shape itself comfortably around any chest. For the first time both men and women can share the same plates with the same level of comfort and mobility. 


We have enclosed the actual ballistic material in a rip stop ballistic nylon sleeve that is fully sealed to protect the plates from the elements to extend the lifespan of the plates. These plates are multi hit rated and are cut in standard shooters cut.


The Cataphract plates come in a standard size of 250x300mm which will fit any plate carrier designed for a 10”x12” or a SAPI Medium. We are proud to say that these are made right here in Ontario.


Our Cataphract Level III+ plates are rated to stop up to .308 as well as all intermediary calibres including m855 and armor piercing 5.56 and 7.62x39. Putting them at NIJ level 3+. To see a detailed breakdown of NIJ Levels, please click here.



  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Independently tested by an NIJ certified and NVLAP accredited laboratory to meet and exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard 0101.06
  • Standalone
  • Shooters Cut
  • Multi-hit
  • Drop Resistant
  • Perfect for women
  • Proudly made in Canada


These plates will fit any plate carrier designed for a 10x12 or a SAPI Medium plates.



Application: Flexibility + Increased Mobility; Rifle Protection + Special Threat

Testing Standard: NIJ 0101.06

Threat Level: III+

Configuration: Standalone

Thickness: 22 mm

Unit Weight: 2.3 kg

Size: 250x300mm

Material: SiC Composite


All armour sales are final.

Weight +/- 10%

Thickness +/- 10%

Lightweight Cataphract Level III+ Flexible Armour


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