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Due to a high volume of orders our processing times have changed. All products will be shipped within 3 weeks, however, we will do all we can to make sure your order is sent out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. 


Proudly Manufactured in Canada


Edge to Edge Protection

Our tile configuration extends to within 5mm of the edge to provide maximum protection!


Our Auxilia Level 4 Silicon Carbide Plates are rated to stop up to .30-06 Armor Piercing rounds. To see a detailed breakdown of NIJ Levels, please click here.


These plates are constructed of a multilayer matrix composed of silicon carbide tiles and an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene backing plate.



  • Edge To Edge Protection
  • Standalone
  • Single Curve
  • Shooters Cut
  • Multi-hit
  • Drop Resistant
  • Proudly made in Canada


Auxilia Leve 4 Plates are constructed in a tile configuration instead of a monolithic piece of ceramic, which makes these plates drop resistant and multi-hit rated. This is because the tile configuration allows the tiles around the area of impact to remain intact, thus leading to the plate maintaining its integrity. Our tile configuration extends to within 5mm of the edge to provide, as close as is, possible to edge to edge protection.




Silicon Carbide




Black; Customizable

Unit Weight

1 KG



Ballistic Level



All armour sales are final.

Weight +/- 10%

Thickness +/- 10%

Side Auxilia Level 4 Silicon Carbide Ceramic Plate

  • To protect our customers from receiving faulty goods through second hand sources we have placed a tamper proof holographic sticker on the front of our plates. If you receive plates that do not have this sticker please contact us and we will take all appropriate steps to try and verify the authenticity of your plates. If it is not directly posted by us please disregard any tests that show our plates if the holographic sticker is not visible as it could be fraudulent. Any tampering with the sticker will void warranty and we cannot accept returns with tampering to the sticker.  

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