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The quick detach Up armor plate bag is designed to accomodate any standard 10x12 plate and is meant to quickly increase the threat protection level of your plate carrier. This was designed to enable you to run lighter armor throughout your everyday duties and when required be able to quickly increase the protection level whenever you feel you need it, without having to remove the carrier or fiddle with small openings or move around your gear. We understand that in the high stress situations where you will need to increase the protection level of your plate carrier you might not have the time or dexterity to do a series of small movements that's why to increase the protection of the Arkon all you have to do is pull up on the front MOLLE panel, quite literally slap this plate bag on and put the front MOLLE panel back down. This ensures that all your gear is still organized in the exact same wa to avoid any loss of muscle memory, and you can quickly transition into a high protection level carrier in less time than it would take to even find the plate bag opening in other carriers. 


Made in Canada.

Arkon Quick Detach Up Armor Plate Bag

  • We believe in our products and as such we are offering a lifetime warranty on our entire Arkon line. If anything breaks or wears in the field or during use feel free to send it back and either we will repair it or replace it free of charge.

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