Jacket TRIARIUS SURPAT® TAIGA. The price is for the jacket

New design of combat clothing 
Using the story of an experienced warrior Roman legion "Triarius" and the history of clothing and equipment in general, and modern technology, we have created a combat suit of a new generation. 

On the jacket in the area of the collarbone are inserted dampers for more comfortable wearing and laying weapons when firing. 
On the inner side of the elbow pads in areas of maximum friction applied a softer material that enhances comfort for extended use. 
On the back of the jacket were created triangular folds for free movement of hands. On the elbows are inserted removable ergonomic dampers which are adjustable with Velcro.


● 2 slanted volumetric chest pockets with hook & loop Velcro closure 
● 2 slanted shoulder pockets with YKK zipper closure 
● Hook & loop Velcro with IR finishing for name tags, skill tabs, unit patches on sleeves and chest 
● Front zipper 
● Mandarin collar with hook & loop closure. Velcro hooks hidden inside; do not spoil clothing and equipment
● Triangular folds on the back for free movement of hands 
● In the area of the collarbone are inserted 3D mesh dampers for more comfortable wearing and laying weapons when firing 
● Elbow pads with removable ergonomic damping inserts and with a soft fabric on the inner side 
● Reinforced elbow CORDURA® patches 
● Elbow pads adjustable with Velcro 

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