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This helmet cover does not come with attachments seen in the photos.


The Gen4 is a next generation helmet cover that fits like a glove and gives the helmet new cutting-edge functionality and universal accessory management.

The Gen 4 helmet cover provides color or camo uniformity, protects the helmet’s painted ballistic surface, and serves as a rock-solid platform that secures all accessories, preventing loss or damage. This Super high cut Helmet Cover will protect the surface of your Ops Core FAST SF/MT and extend its service life as well as give you full accessory management. The Agilite Gen4 Ops Core helmet cover is easy to apply or remove in seconds. It is made of durable mil-spec materials and was designed, battle-tested and manufactured in Israel.



  • Fits OPS-CORE/FAST Ballistic Helmet
  • Easy installation (can be fitted in seconds)
  • Exit holes for all commonly issues NVG Battery box cables/switches
  • Left/Right cable management channels
  • Snag-free side
  • Upper bungee accessory management area for IR strobes, cameras and more that features mil-spec polymer retainers featuring laser-engraved Agilite scorpions.
  • Made in Israel


Optional (sold separately)

Universal Rear Pouch The Cover features an optional detachable universal rear pouch that fits all common NVG battery packs, counterweights and has strategically placed exit holes for all cables. The semi-rigid pouch exterior gives rear accessories extra impact protection and has a central loop area for ID patches. It also has a lower stow area for comms PTT cables when not in use. The rear pouch integrates seamlessly with the OPS-CORE FAST SF or MT SUPER HIGH CUT HELMET cover, and is firmly and securely connected and yet, it can be donned and doffed in around 60 seconds so you connect or disconnect depending on your mission set.




1000D Mil Spec Tactical Nylon,

Flat Plyester Mesh 380g/m2


Fits L/XL Helmets


Multicam, Ranger Green


143 g

Ops-Core/FAST Helmet Cover GEN 4


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