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Quick, easy and budget friendly way to upgrade your plate carrier/bulletproof vest. The Lior Spectrum helps to alliviate the physical stress that modern kit have on the wearer's body by redistributing their weight. 


One of the critical challenges today is providing soldiers ways to reduce the weight stress that equipment and protective vests place on the shoulders. Heavy kits can cause pain and strain on the neck and shoulders causing fatigue that saps crucial energy. A weight redistribution system shifts weight from the shoulders to the hips, helping solve this problem.


The Lior Spectrum is a kit that includes a battle belt and vertical element that is able to attach to almost any vest. Its patented design relies on soft and semi rigid elements with battle belt that attaches vertically to the inside of the tactical protective vest that transfers weight to the hips to help the wearer maintain agility and stamina



Lior Spectrum Weight Redistribution Kit


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