Gorka 2 Suit Grozny

Gorka 2 Suit Grozny

Gorka 2 Suit includes both pants and a jacket. The jacket can be fastened with covered buttons located in the centre. The hood’s size can be regulated with straps. The jacket has three pockets in total. The sleeves have an elastic band below the elbows and on the edges. The jacket also has an elastic band on the back.The elastic waistband on the pants can be used for adjustments. The pants have four pockets in total (two on the side and two in the rear).


Material: 100% reinforced cotton with rip stop areas.


Weight: 995/780 (jacket/pants) gram. The weight fluctuates depending on the size.


Areas that are subject to a high risk of wear and tear are made out of reinforced, rip stop fabric.



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